Op.103 1998

David Hellewell

This piece is obviously a followups to GENTLE PASSIONATA of 1980, but is much more diverse, dynamic and lyrical than that piece. The nearest equivalent general style of the piece would be that of the piano style of Elton John or other pianist/singers; but PASSIONATA is for solo piano, and even within this general idiom there is a diversity of new music which is near impossible to describe. (When asked about literary descriptions of music, Mendelssohn replied that, far from not being specific enough, words are too specific!) Music is much too subtle and abstract to be pinned down in this way. For this piece, expressionistic titles of some of the sections, such as Impressionistic; Sonorous but subdued; Swinging; Vigorous, punchy; Misterioso; Broad and powerful give some idea, but the real expression lies in the unfolding of the music.

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